When Cu Ung was torn by a bat lover to reveal his love of knitting

Right at the moment Luc Thieu Du was pondering whether a beast was approaching her or not, a series of screeching sounds came from above. Immediately before his eyes was covered by a dark cloud. A giant bird more than a hundred feet long appeared in the air.

How the bird expanded, flying right in the air above Luc Thieu Du. This bird has a hawk-like appearance but covers the outside of the blue feathers, under the belly with white fluff. Two legs with sharp, curved claws, at first glance like a sharp blade, Cu Ung's eyes focused down on him.

- You love animals, must we just pass through to become food in the belly of love?

Luc Thieu Du was extremely amazed, where did such a large eagle come out in his previous life. Immediately, Luc Thieu Du reluctantly showed a miserable smile, now I cannot move, if I love animals but want to eat my flesh, I can only look blankly.

- Whoosh ...

Luc Thieu Du felt like behind him as if something was flying, its wings clawed on the water surface to roll waves, but he was also rolled out by the waves.

- Inlaid ...

In the air, Cu Ung let out a cry, the brilliance in his eyes was just revealed, the two wings shook, carrying a whirlwind rushing downwards, the claws shrinking, as if piercing through space like lightning.

- Our life is over.

In the heart of Thieu Du, there is only a cold piece, which has just passed through the end and becomes the food in the belly of a beast, my fortune is also too poor.

- So ...

At the moment Luc Thieu Du was desperate, before his eyes suddenly appeared a dark piece, a large shadow jumped from the back of his head. The speed was too fast, Luc Thieu Du hurriedly lifted his eyes and looked up, only to see that a flying demon beast of over a hundred yards with a bat-like point, pure white in color, had a hole under its belly. Big, fresh blood flowed from there, it must be that this beast is hurting.

- Brakes! Brake!

In an instant, the two beasts clashed in the air, hissing sounds through the air echoed around Luc Thieu Du. He was lying in a lagoon, the water surface wavered nonstop, but he himself could not move.

After colliding several times, Luc Thieu Du saw that Cu Ung had retrieved its claws, the two wings shook, brought a fierce whirlwind that shot down the bat Demon Beast.

- Expenditure.

The giant bat screeched, at the moment Luc Thieu Du was still amazed, in the mouth of the beast overflowed a white mist.

White mist gushed out, and in midair a gas welder began to diffuse. In an instant, the gas welding swept through it, causing the lagoon to freeze.

In the air, Cu Ung was also frozen to become ice cubes, the giant body immediately fell straight into the lagoon.
- Erm ...

Cu Ung fell on the ice, the ice was broken, numerous cracks appeared. At the same time the bat demon beast seemed to weaken as well, it dropped to the surface of the ice, slowly approaching the Demon Beast.

- Sprinkle.

When Luc Thieu Du looked back, he saw the bat lover open his mouth, revealing two sharp fangs biting down, one mouthful of skin and hair on Cu Ung's stomach, a pearl the size of a child's fist, his whole body was It glows blue, the blood on top is still rolling down the ice.

- Love knitting? Love at least must reach the four stages to have love.

Luc Thieu Du from the memory in his head knows, this kind of love and knitting, love must at least reach the four stages to have, those who love three stages or less will not have love of knitting. Love knitting seems very valuable.

-Inlaid ...

When Cu Ung was torn by a bat lover to reveal his love of knitting. In the blink of an eye, around the body of Cu Ung emitted a fire, instantly melting the ice, the sharp beak pecked straight into the wound on the bat monster's stomach. Immediately after that the bat demon's stomach was bleeding unceasingly, a pearl as large as a child's hand covered with blood silk filled with a gentle light was dropped on the ice.

- Is this also a love story ...?

Luc Thieu Du said in amazement, it was very difficult to see the beasts of four-stage or more, and unexpectedly came here for a while and saw two children.

The bat demon was hurt, he cried out bitterly, then used his fang to bite hard on the neck of the Cu Ung, directly biting off the neck, the blood didn't stop spewing out, this time the Cu Falcon was completely dead.

Now, the ice face began to change for the second time, Luc Thieu Du trembled cold, his lips were white without any color, his face was pale, his body was almost stiff. Seeing two giant beasts of great war like an illusion when watching 3D movies, it really makes people horrified.

- Chi chi ...

On the surface of the water, the bat-loving bat holds Cu Ung's knitting love ball in his mouth, its wings fluttering across the cold water. Immediately after that, it slowly approached Luc Thieu Du.

- This is annoying.

Luc Thieu Du looked at the bat monster approaching him, inside feeling desperate, the other two beasts' eyes were staring at him.

- Expenditure!

The bat demon came flying to the Luc Thieu Du people, the bat's throat made a sound, with its giant body, one eye even larger than the Luc Thieu Du. In the eyes

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The pain was transmitted from the cerebrum, causing him to let out a bitter cry

Um, where are we?

Swaying his head just awakening after falling into a coma, Luc Thieu Du felt his surroundings very wet, moreover, his whole body ached as if he wanted to be paralyzed, the wind from all four sides blew, hit him. I couldn't help but shivered once.

The head of Luc Shaolin was cold sweat, he hastily opened his eyes. The surrounding space was just a dark piece, in the air, a crescent moon was hanging. After a moment, he borrowed the faint light emanating from the moon that he could see the scene a little more clearly. Right now he was in a lagoon, it must be night time now.

- Ah ...

The pain was transmitted from the cerebrum, causing him to let out a bitter cry. Luc Thieu Du sensed a strange force hit his head, causing him to immediately pass out again.

When it was nearly morning, Luc Thieu Du slowly regained consciousness, but when he received new news from the brain, Luc Thieu Du lost a little more.

- My dignity is so bold, through Vietnam, this is not a dream, right?

Luc Thieu Du widened his eyes and peered at all four sides, according to the information received from the cerebral brain, along with having seen a few trans-Vietnamese novels, Luc Thieu Du confirmed that he was transcended. This situation seems not real, even in a hundred million circumstances it is not certain to find one, but it happens on him.

Luc Thieu Du reflected on that, I just graduated from a third-class university, and also found a small job in a small office. While helping his superior to photocopy documents, unexpectedly the copier leaked electricity, he died unexpectedly through death.

In the previous life, I did not say anything, the money was far away, it was also good to go through it. It would be possible to say that going through another world will achieve a greater achievement. Based on his own understanding in the novel, bystander, no one has achieved too low a level. A whole bunch of not married concubines is also the master of the new world. The worst of all is also making a rich family, I'm not too unlucky.

Determining himself to be pierced, Luc Thieu Du did not have any feelings of pain or regret but on the contrary he felt like he was liberated. In his previous life, he was not a person with authority, nor was he rich, the money was very distant, the future was dim.

- Where is this place, why did I go through this damn place?

Luc Thieu Du evaluated the surroundings, and began to rummage through the memories that remained in his head, a memory that did not belong to him.

After a while, Luc Thieu Du had some kind of suicidal emotion to see if it could pass through again. Other people who pass through, not a young master, will also be the royal family, otherwise he will be very good, his style is unruly, the son of a family or a great power.
And his body that pierced even though in this world was a young master, had a real name. This young master, also named Luc Thieu Du, was just sixteen years old this year, and was a step-son, his status in the family even the servant was not equal. In addition, he also has a mother, before being a servant in the family, after giving birth to this young master, he was bullied more and more by his eldest wife, and the same days as the slave was not equal.

The two mother and daughter, on normal days, are always bullied by family members, even the slaves do not let them in the eyes. Especially, some families go with their wives, often find excuses to humiliate them. gia su

Just like yesterday, just because he objected to a few sentences, this young master was beaten to a battle by them, but was unexpectedly beaten to death. Guess that the others saw that the person died and was scared, so they took this young master and threw him down the cliff, the body fell into a lagoon under the cliff, and I, because of my violent dignity, penetrated into my body. him.

Thinking that I could not get through like that, Luc Thieu Du was a bit crying without tears, in the end is my dignity good or not? In my previous life, I did not do anything well, it seems that my dignity cannot be good either.

Joining in, it is customary, Luc Thieu Du also has no other way, very lucky to not die, nothing in this world has to do with everything, no matter what, if you don't die, you will be blessed. If you do not die, you will be blessed later.

- To respect my face and you with the same name as Luc Thieu Du, I use your body again, your feud will later have the opportunity to help you report, my mother will also help you care.

Luc Thieu Du whispered to himself.

As Luc Thieu Du said that, his mind seemed to be clear, a bald of air escaped from the head and dissipated the space.
- It seems that your resentment is also deep, your feud, Luc Thieu Du I just need to have a certain chance to notify you.

Luc Thieu Du peered up at the sky and said again.

After saying that, Luc Thieu Du couldn't help but think of a difficult problem at this time. Now he was lying in the lagoon, his back seemed to be leaning against a dry tree, the water in the lagoon was very cold, it seemed to be winter now. That he soaked in

Trung tam gia su uy tin TPHCM

  1. Nước Anh được biết đến với một lịch sử phong phú từ Hoàng gia đến Stone Henge, quá khứ lịch sử của nước Anh là một quá khứ quyến rũ. Nó cũng có thể hữu ích rằng họ cũng nói ngôn ngữ bán chạy nhất thế giới ở đó. Bất kể bạn đến từ đâu và bạn nói ngôn ngữ nào, bạn sẽ thích nghi với ngôn ngữ đó khi ở đó.

    Thực sự không có kết thúc lợi ích của việc học tập ở nước ngoài, bao gồm một số lợi ích rất thiết thực. Ví dụ, đến một quốc gia khác là một trong nhiều giải pháp hàng đầu để học một ngôn ngữ khác. Quá trình dưới đây hãy tưởng tượng: hãy nghĩ xem bạn đã học Vương quốc Anh như thế nào. Bạn đã được bao quanh bởi nó, và bạn được nâng lên. Đây là cách nó hoạt động ở các nước khác. Nơi nào tốt hơn để học tiếng Ý so với Florence, Đất nước Ý?

    Bạn thậm chí sẽ trải nghiệm cuộc sống ở một đất nước khác. Quảng cáo chọn du học Thượng Hải chẳng hạn, bạn sẽ có thể trải nghiệm tất cả những gì thành phố có được. Vì Thượng Hải được gọi là thủ đô cuộc sống về đêm của Trung Quốc, bạn sẽ muốn xác nhận bối cảnh cuộc sống về đêm! Thành phố toàn cầu có rất nhiều quán bar và câu lạc bộ đêm, đây là một cách tuyệt vời để thư giãn sau một tuần dài căng thẳng ở trường!

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  46. 3) Make new items as well as home hangers by helping to cover them. I know you will probably accompany your family members from school and feel comfortable with them, but please continue to stand with your native language friends at. Find some natives to inform you about ropes in their country; that they party, they pick up chicks, they interact using their family, most importantly speak their language. Some regions may have a distinct accent, vocabulary, some grammar inaccuracies, and a preferred strategy to address certain problems. Adjust these; you will learn the whole thing.

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